Welcome to Holy Fire BBQ

Holy Fire BBQ is a Competition BBQ Team based out of Calgary Alberta. We are a brand new team having just competed in our first competition this year at the KCBS sanctioned BBQ on the Bow. We are preparing to compete in all four Alberta based competitions in 2020 and are currently accepting sponsorship!

Cooks are done on 22.5″ Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smokers using Maple Leaf charcoal, locally sourced smoking wood such as Apple, Pecan, Cherry, Mesquite and Hickory and a combination of rubs/sauces from Meat Church and Prairie BBQ.

We have done small catering events (20-65 people) and are available to cater smaller sized events upon request. We are working on scaling up to cater larger events but we need to buy or build a bigger smoker! Get in touch if you wish to have us cater your event.