Meet the Team

Jeremy Foster


Jeremy Foster is the Pitmaster for Holy Fire BBQ. He got started doing backyard BBQ and went back to basics using charcoal and fire to cook on a 24" Kamado Joe.

With a background in chef’s training, Jeremy needed to got back to the culinary arts by smoking meat and grilling for family and friends. Leaning on other pros via social media, Jeremy learned and practiced the craft of Southern BBQ.

Jeremy wants to compete in all 4 of the Alberta KCBS sanctioned competitions in 2020 to see where the team can place!

Andy Sands


Andy Sands is a pitmaster for Holy Fire BBQ and won a ribbon in chef’s choice at his first BBQ Competition at BBQ on the Bow winning 7th place for pizza turn-ins.

Andy has always had a passion for food and in his time traveling, he’s noticed 3 universal things that unite people around the globe; sports, music and food.

Not much brings Andy more joy than breaking bread with friends and family. His love for bbq has been inspired by his Texan wife, who loves her some bbq!